Unlocking the Mystery of Custom Foot Orthotics

Unlocking the Mystery of Custom Foot Orthotics

Ever heard of custom foot orthotics?

These specialised shoe inserts, often dubbed as insoles or footbeds, aren't just another accessory for your shoes—they're a vital component of your lower leg management plan, prescribed by podiatrists to tackle foot and leg problems head-on. Picture them as prescription glasses for your eyes, but for your feet! The best part? You don't necessarily have to wear them forever; they can serve as short, medium, or long-term solutions, depending on the nature and severity of your condition.

How Do Custom Foot Orthotics Work?

So, they work wonders by altering the way your foot sits and moves, as prescribed by your podiatrist. Here's a glimpse of how they may work for you:
  • Alleviating pressure from painful joints
  • Reducing strain on tendons or ligaments
  • Enhancing foot biomechanics during gait
  • Providing additional support to your arches
  • Improving foot and ankle stability
  • Supporting tired muscles and joints, reducing fatigue
  • Boosting performance in sports or daily activities
  • Enhancing balance and proprioception
  • Aiding in the resolution of acute and chronic injuries
  • Preventing or healing diabetic ulcers
  • Facilitating optimal foot propulsion
  • Addressing leg length differences
  • Offering shock absorption and cushioning

Do I Need to Wear Custom Orthotics All the Time?

Much like glasses, custom orthotics work best when you wear them for their intended purpose. Once your condition improves and you're pain-free, you can typically wear them for about 80% of the time, especially during activities that involve prolonged standing or walking. However, individual factors, such as the nature of your injury, dictate your long-term usage.

How Are Orthotics Made?

Ever wondered how those custom orthotics come to life? It all starts with a 3D digital cast of your foot, which provides precise measurements without the mess of traditional plaster casting. From there, our Berkhamsted podiatrists conduct a comprehensive assessment, analysing everything from muscle strength to foot posture. We then use advanced computerised modeling programs to design your orthotics, which are crafted from eco-friendly materials. Once completed, we ensure a perfect fit during a fitting consultation, making any necessary adjustments for optimal comfort and performance.

Do I Need Orthotics?

The million-dollar question! While orthotics can be incredibly beneficial for various conditions, they're not a one-size-fits-all solution. If you're experiencing foot or lower limb discomfort, a consultation with your podiatrist is the best way to determine if orthotics are right for you. Here are some common conditions that often benefit from orthotic therapy: Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinopathy, Diabetic feet, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, neuroma, stress fracture & much more.

Ready to Step into Comfort?

If foot or lower limb pain is cramping your style, don't hesitate to reach out to our team of expert podiatrists. With customised orthotic solutions tailored to your needs, we're here to help you stride with confidence and comfort. Schedule your consultation today and take the first step towards happier, healthier feet! Call the team on 01442 817718 or book your appointment here
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