Getting Your Feet Autumn-Ready for Ultimate Comfort and Health

Getting Your Feet Autumn-Ready for Ultimate Comfort and Health

Autumn is here, and your feet will need extra care to prep them for bearing the brunt of the new season boot obsession.

Whether you're a busy mum juggling school runs and activities or a professional looking forward to winter hikes, keeping your feet in prime condition is essential to enjoying life to the fullest.

In this blog, I'll explore straightforward yet effective ways to prepare your feet for those so-loved winter boots.

The first rule is to select the proper winter boots for every occasion. Comfortable and matching your personal style are a must! I suggest that the boots of your choice are fit for purpose for the activity and demands of your feet. Luckily, this autumn, we are spoilt for choice with trends like flat lace-up moto boots, thigh-high boots, cowboy lite boots, classic knee-high, and riding boots. Regardless of your style, always try to go for the most comfy ones to enjoy wearing them for as long as you want to.

I am always stressing the importance of regular podiatry care. This is because, even if you're not experiencing specific foot issues, routine check-ups with an experienced podiatrist can help you become aware and address potential problems before they escalate.

Second, make sure you pay special attention to your toenails as winter approaches. Proper nail care is vital to prevent discomfort and ingrown toenails. I advise removing nail polish and giving your nails a break from shellacs and polishes to allow them to breathe and heal.

This measure will prevent nail discolouration and weakening. If you have a fungal toenail infection, now is a great time to see a podiatrist and start treatment. At my clinics, we are fans of lunula laser and nail surgery to eradicate fungal toenails.

What's more, the cold, dry winter air can take a toll on your skin, and your feet are no exception. To make matters worse, the heating dries the skin out even more! To combat dryness, apply a moisturiser every day and make it a habit by incorporating it into your daily self-care routine for the best results.

You should also exfoliate your heels and soles regularly to avoid dry skin build-up. Exfoliating can help with moisturising because it removes dead skin cells and rough patches on the surface of your skin, allowing moisturisers to penetrate and hydrate the skin more effectively. I always advise using a foot file with a coarse and fine grit to remove and smooth the skin.

Also, I recommend investing in warm, moisture-wicking socks to keep your feet dry and cosy inside your winter boots. Natural materials like hemp or bamboo have excellent insulation while allowing your feet to breathe. They are great for your feet and the environment, too.

Lastly, remember that self-care for your feet is an ongoing process as important as taking care of your teeth. Incorporate foot care into your daily routine by moisturising, stretching, or simply pampering your feet. Making foot care a habit will give you happy and healthy feet all year round.

If you have any questions or concerns about your foot health, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you put your best foot forward, even in the coldest season.

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