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Discover the next generation of leg and foot care products, professionally formulated to deliver a luxury treatment to help you maintain healthy, young-looking legs and feet regardless of your lifestyle or age.

Luxury leg & foot skincare that works

Developed by leading podiatrist Maggie Trevillion

All our unique formulations of high-grade, naturally-derived ingredients work to soothe and repair lacklustre, dry skin and effectively treat and prevent leg and foot-related conditions such as calluses, discoloured toenails, chapped skin and cracked heels.

With a sophisticated, unisex fragrance, every product delivers proven and effective results after a few applications. When used as a set, they work as a dream team to keep your legs and feet not only in optimum condition but also looking beautiful and radiant.

Our philosophy

At Callen Olive, we want to celebrate the sheer awesomeness that is you. We want to see you stand confidently in your skin and feel beautiful in your own way, regardless of your size, gender or ethnicity. It is the individual perfection of each of us, our inspiration, and the reason why we create products that enable you to take great care of your body and feel fantastic.

What’s more, we are genuinely obsessed with legs and feet, and we want to share this obsession with everyone by bringing these parts of the body to the spotlight and turning them into showstoppers. So, we make the finest quality skin products for legs and feet with the intention of having you feel fully confident when baring them. Besides, you get to prevent some undesirable foot-related conditions and enjoy healthy feet all along.

We’re dedicated to sourcing the best plant-based ingredients to develop our unique formulations and use only those that are safe, do work and feel and smell great on the skin.

Callen Olive’s products are made in England. As we are against animal cruelty, we never test them on animals. All our formulations are vegan and subject to meticulous manufacturing to guarantee safety while providing maximum efficacy.

Cruelty Free
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