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The Callen Olive Medi Pedi

The Callen Olive Medi Pedi

Whether it’s sandal season or not, your feet still need some proper TLC. With the Callen Olive Medi Pedi, you can treat them all year round and prevent them from drying and becoming sore.

The Callen Olive Medical Pedicure is the ultimate foot treatment out there. Think of it as a deep cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising facial for the feet.

Feet should not be an afterthought. In fact, their health is crucial for being active and enjoying life to the full.

I have been a podiatrist for many years now, and I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to keep your feet in top condition. Not only because they look and feel amazing but also to prevent any minor ailments from turning into serious foot problems.

When you get a medical-grade pedicure at my clinic, Callen Olive Podiatry, we carefully check your feet for any infection or conditions, such as nail fungus or ingrown toenails. If we spot anything abnormal, we can treat it immediately and prevent it from worsening. In addition, we get to remove dry skin and calluses, cut, shape and smooth the toenails, alleviate cracked heels and leave your feet feeling soft and renewed, and years younger!

Everything you need to know about Callen Olive Medi Pedi

The best thing about Callen Olive Medi Pedi is that it will transform your feet in as little as 60 minutes.

Medical-grade pedicures are a dry treatment and, as such, don’t use water. Instead, the focus is on returning your feet to their optimum health by giving them an in-depth cleansing. So, we clean the feet, file the calluses, exfoliate the heels and treat any foot complaints such as ingrown nails, nail fungus, and corns.

Step 1. Foot examination

Before treating your feet, it’s important to assess their health and examine them for athlete’s foot, corns, calluses, dry and cracked heels, ingrown and overgrown toenails, nail fungus, nail discolouration, and more.

Step 2. Preparation for treatment

Once your feet have been examined, we proceed to give them a quick wipe to get rid of any debris and prepare them for the pedicure.

Step 3. Trimming and filing the nails

Using pre-packaged, disposable, sterile instruments, we cut and shape your toenails, removing any sharp edges that may cause ingrown toenails. Next, we l clean them underneath to eliminate any skin buildup (hyperkeratotic tissue) in the nail folds and cuticles. And finally, we file them to smooth the surface and give them a good buffer for a healthy pinkie glow.

Step 4. Removing hard skin

Next is to remove the hard, dry skin affecting your soles and heels using a scalpel. We painlessly debride layers of dead skin until your feet are left feeling soft and smooth. We also treat any calluses or corns that may have formed.

Step 5. Foot massage and deep conditioning

After removing the dry skin, we give your feet a relaxing foot massage. Using a blend of essential oils, we manipulate your feet’ soft tissues and muscles to soothe your skin and calm any discomfort you may have.

To intensify the benefits of the oils, we cover your feet with special heated booties for approximately 15 minutes, allowing the power of aromatherapy to enhance both your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Step 6. Moisturising

Finally, we apply Callen Olive Foot Sole & Heel Saviour to seal the moisture and ensure your feet stay deeply hydrated. We finish the treatment with a coat of Bare To Impress Nail & Cuticle Oil to protect and strengthen your nails and cuticles.

Why should you opt for a medical pedicure?

In my blog What to expect from pedicures in Salons Vs Podiatrists, I explain why you should consider having a medi pedi every few months.

A medical pedicure not only leaves your feet feeling and looking fantastic but also provides them with a luxury MOT service to keep them healthy in the long run.

By treating yourself to Callen Olive Medi Pedi regularly, you can:

  • Prevent ingrown toenails, a painful condition where your nail grows into the skin of your toe.
  • Stop calluses or corns before they become uncomfortable.
  • Spot a fungal nail infection and get it treated immediately.
  • Detect any foot conditions, such as flat feet.
  • Identify verrucae early and receive the right treatment to eradicate them.
  • Experience the ultimate foot treatment in the safest environment with the highest levels of hygiene to prevent you from contracting contagious conditions from using non-sterile Instruments.

Fancy experiencing the Callen Olive Medi Pedi? You can book an appointment at my clinic in Berkhamsted here.

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