Stiletto Savvy: Tips for Wearing High Heels Without Hurting Your Feet

Stiletto Savvy: Tips for Wearing High Heels Without Hurting Your Feet

Stilettos, while undeniably chic, pose several risks to foot health, making them a questionable choice for regular wear. However, Callen Olive leading podiatrist Maggie Trevillion claims herself a die hard fan of stilettos. In this article, she explains why she recommends wearing stilettos to feel confident, elegant and sexy all at once.

As a top podiatrist, I'm surprisingly an advocate for stilettos – yes, you read that right! I'd be the biggest hypocrite if I didn't! In the ever-changing world of fashion, where trends come and go, stilettos have remained a constant. They're not just shoes; they're a statement, transforming any outfit into a showstopper. And let's be honest, as a stiletto enthusiast myself, I know they have the power to make us feel confident, elegant, and irresistibly sexy all at once.

But let's address the elephant in the room – the pain. At Callen Olive, we're well aware of the love-hate relationship many have with these fashion icons. That's why we're here to share insider tips on how to rock those high heels without sacrificing comfort.

The foundation of comfortable stiletto wearing starts with choosing the right fit and  selecting the right pair.  Ensure your stilettos provide adequate arch support, a cushioned insole, and a roomy toe box to prevent overcrowding of toes. When shopping, try on both shoes and walk around the store as much as possible to assess comfort and fit.

First things first, fit is king. A well-fitting stiletto with ample arch support, cushioned insoles, and a spacious toe box is non-negotiable. When shoe shopping, give yourself the time to walk around and really get the feel of the shoes. One thing I see daily in my clinic is women in the wrong size shoes.  I find upping a size, especially when it comes to stilettos. Often, opting for a size larger can be a game-changer for comfort. 

Now, about those towering heels – they're not for everyone. The secret is in knowing your limits. It's essential to choose a heel height that you can manage. Yes, ladies heel height matters. If you're flexible and strong, the sky's the limit. But if not, a modest 2-3 inch heel can still lend that graceful elevation without straining your feet or lower back. For those new to high heels, start small and gradually build up your heel height. Begin with shorter periods and lower heel heights, allowing your feet to adapt. This slow transition can help prevent discomfort and potential foot issues.

Prepping your feet is just as crucial. Incorporate stretching and strengthening exercises into your routine. Focus on exercises that target the calf muscles, achilles tendon, and the lumbrical muscles in the arch of your foot. These exercises can enhance flexibility and reduce the risk of strain.  Even a quick foot massage  with a spiky ball while getting ready can make a world of difference as it will work into the arch and balls of the feet.

Remember, moderation is key. I like to call mine 'posing shoes' – perfect for making an entrance and then quickly swapping out for something comfier. Alternating between high heels and more comfortable footwear can prevent foot fatigue and reduce the impact of prolonged heel wearing.

Posture is paramount. Strut confidently with your shoulders back, core engaged, and weight evenly distributed. This not only looks elegant but also reduces pressure on your feet. For those needing extra support, the online world is brimming with cushioning and padding options. And let's not forget about foot health – regular check-ups with a podiatrist are essential, especially if you're dealing with corns, calluses, or fissures. At Callen Olive, we offer routine care to address any emerging issues and ensure your feet stay healthy, even if you love wearing high heels.

The daily advice I give my patients is that if discomfort persists despite these tips, remember, it's okay to switch to a more comfortable pair of shoes. Obviously if the pain is excruciating / you are struggling to walk (this is definitely not a good look in stiletto’s) and risk falling and injury - stop wearing them.  Safety and comfort should always be priorities. And don't forget to pamper your feet after a night out with a nice foot soak, massage and wear the most comfy shoes you can – your feet will thank you for it!

Embracing the stiletto lifestyle is all about striking the perfect balance between fashion and comfort. By choosing the right pair, being mindful of heel height, and taking good care of your feet, you can enjoy the party season in style. Get ready to dazzle in this season's trends – clear heels, diamond embellishments, the naked heel trend, and delicate straps. Go ahead, strut your stuff with confidence and grace!

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