SWIFT your verrucas today!

SWIFT your verrucas today!

Seeking Quick, Easy, and Effective Verruca Treatment? Look to our innovative SWIFT microwave verruca treatment. As podiatry pioneers in the England, we offer this cutting-edge solution. With extensive experience since its launch, we stand as experts in this remarkable technology!

What is Swift?

SWIFT revolutionises verruca treatment using microwave energy in a precise, controlled manner. It stands as the most effective solution on the market, with each verruca treated in just 10 seconds. Plus, no anaesthetic or dressings are needed, allowing you to resume your daily activities immediately and as normal.

How does it work?

Utilising a hand-held probe, SWIFT delivers microwave energy directly to the verruca site, targeting infected cells while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. This triggers an immune response, effectively destroying the verruca.

Are microwaves safe?

With over 30 years of clinical use, microwaves are proven safe and non-damaging to living organisms. They are classified as non-ionising radiation, posing no risk to DNA. Similar to common devices like wifi and mobile phones, microwaves are extensively used in medical fields.

Does it hurt?

SWIFT treatment is swift indeed, causing minimal disruption and discomfort. While some liken the sensation to a bee sting, it lasts only moments, with most individuals barely aware of it after a few minutes. At Callen Olive Podiatry Clinic, in Berkhamsted near Hemel Hempstead and Tring, we offer a tailored package of four treatments for optimal results, spaced three to five weeks apart.

Ready to experience SWIFT and rid your verruca for good? Book an appointment today:

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