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Your summer-perfect legs and feet guide

Your summer-perfect legs and feet guide

‘Tis the season to go leg and feet bare. Your lower limbs cannot wait to see the sun, but are you ready for it?

After months of being undercovered and swaddled in jeans, tights, leggings and socks, the summer reveal is here, and your legs and feet are ready to appear. But you’re just not feeling it.

Ok, let’s get real. Legs and feet are usually neglected, so when the time comes to show them off, they’re less than desirable. They’re embarrassing. Luckily, all it takes is a little effort to get them back in top condition.

So, I have created this easy step-by-step summer guide to help you fall head over heels with your legs and feet.

  1. Tone and shape

    Poor circulation can cause your legs and feet to swell up, making them look and feel heavier than they are. The swelling is due to fluid buildup as a result of being inactive, sitting or standing for a long time, or wearing tight leggings or jeans. Socks’ elastic can also affect the blood flow. So, the first thing to do to make them look better is to get moving. And I am not talking about a long workout, but any activity promoting good circulation.

    I have two dogs, so I love taking them out for a long walk in the morning. Sometimes I walk fast and others slower, but I always find that any pace helps increase blood flow throughout my body. Walking is also the best way to lower your blood pressure and increase muscle contraction in the legs.

    If walking is not your thing, you can try low-impact exercise at home, like yoga or pilates. Or you may decide to join a gym and get a proper workout.

    1. Hair or no hair, that’s the question

    Are you going for a smooth look or ‘au naturel’? It all seems in fashion at the moment. If hairy legs are not your thing, opting for laser hair removal is a great option to get rid of the hair for good. You’ll need a few sessions, but the results are amazing and worth the investment. Traditional wax or shaving are still great alternatives for instant smoothness. Just remember to leave 24hrs between hair removal and exfoliating.

    1. Exfoliate

    A good scrub can completely transform your legs and feet. Exfoliating regularly is an effective way to boost circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite in the legs by removing the dead, scaly skin cells resting on the surface and promoting new ones. It is also the simplest way to get your legs glowing. Always exfoliate your legs in upward circular motions with a body scrub or loofah. For your feet, it’s best to use an emery board foot file on dry skin prior to bathing or showering.

    1. Moisturise

    Daily moisturisation is essential to ensure your legs and feet don’t get dehydrated. It’s a great habit to add to your everyday body care routine, like brushing your teeth or moisturising your face. I love creams and lotions that are not sticky and absorb quickly into the skin. Callen Olive Ultimate Leg & Sole Baring Lotion is formulated to help lock in moisture and provide soothing rehydration. Its 97% naturally derived ingredients, including Apricot Oil, Shea Nut Butter and Vitamin E, contain antioxidant-rich, moisture-locking properties to improve the skin’s condition to reveal younger-looking legs and feet.

    1. Nourish

    If you also want to tighten, firm and sculpt your legs, using a leg oil or serum is a great way to achieve this. Plus, having the added benefit of being super nourishing for the skin too. A leg serum can penetrate the skin deeper than a cream, restoring its elasticity and glow. When formulating Callen Olive Deep Nourishing and Restorative Leg & Foot Serum, we included Avocado oil, Vitamin E and Jojoba to revitalise dry skin and Carrot Seed Oil for its traditional anti-ageing properties. If you use it daily, I tell you it’ll transform your skin. As a result, your legs will have a beautiful, healthy shine and feel baby soft to the touch.

    1. Your toenails. Your choice

    Summer is all about colour, so if you love bright, bold colours on your toenails, go for it. Just make sure you use a good-quality base coat to avoid your nails discolouring. And give them a day or two rest between applications. At the moment, I’m loving natural healthy glowing toenails. For me, this look beats polish every time. And believe me, natural toenails can be sexy too. Just use an oil like Callen Olive Bare To Impress Nail & Cuticle Oil every day and see your toenails recover their beautiful, healthy shine while getting stronger too.

    1. Footwear

    If you’re fashion conscious or simply love dressing well and looking smart, you want to choose the best footwear to compliment your outfit. However, if your shoes or sandals are so uncomfortable that they make you hobble or blister your feet, that’s far from attractive and totally avoidable. Luckily the current summer trends promote sensible, comfortable shoes while still appealing to those who love a sexy, party-style heel.

    1. Embellish

    And if you love a bit of bling, toe rings and anklets are back in fashion, as I found out during my recent trips to Mexico and Cabo Verde.

    Now you have no excuse to neglect your legs and feet. To get them summer-ready, click here.

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